Terry's Personal Memoirs

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View some of Terry's favourite, and possibly embarrassing, photo's.

NEW: Click  here  to view various photo's that may cause embarrassment...

I have always deemed it my responsibility to embarrass my family at every opportunity.

I believe, over the years, that I have lived up to this task, but I have decided to also include some nice photo's into this gallery. 

I cannot believe the amount of time that it takes to find 70 photo's, and to put them up on this website. The problem is, that there are actually 140 photo's involved, as the smaller pictures that you click on, are also photo's in their own right, as well as the larger photo's that then appear. Anyway, go ahead and click on The Link above. 

I cannot really think of anything else to write about, on this site, at the moment, without boring everyone to tears. Therefore,  I have decided to indulge myself, and put some more of my favourite guitar instrumental songs below.

By this time, it was becoming fashionable to add Electronic Organ and rasping Saxophone to the Instrumentals, as pioneered by Duane Eddy and Johnny And The Hurricanes. The Guitar was still there, but less prominent, but they were still great songs, in my humble opinion.


You can listen to more of Terry's music right now, by clicking on one of the links below. The songs are representative of what we played in the early 60's, and are all  instrumentals.


http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Shazam.mp3  (Duane Eddy)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  The Boys.mp3  (The Shadows)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Red River Rock.mp3  (Johnny And The Hurricanes)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Trambone.mp3  (The Krew Cats)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Chariot.mp3  (Rhet Stoller)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ The Rocket Man.mp3  (The Spotnicks)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ The Storm.mp3  (The Hunters)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Rebel Rouser.mp3  (Duane Eddy)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Driftin'.mp3  (The Shadows)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Orange Blossom Special.mp3  (The Spotnicks)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Tequila.mp3  (The Champs)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Wheels.mp3  (The String-A-Longs)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Perfidia.mp3  (The Ventures)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Green Onions.mp3  (Booker T. And The MG's)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Rocking Goose.mp3  (Johnny And The Hurricanes)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Gypsy Beat.mp3  (The Packabeats)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Husky Team.mp3  (The Saints)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Jack's Good.mp3  (The Krew Kats)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Because They're Young.mp3  (Duane Eddy)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Mustang.mp3  (The Shadows)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/ Jezebel.mp3  (The Vibratos)





Terry's Personal Memoirs

To contact Terry you can email him: terencepoulson@btinternet.com or message him via Facebook