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Listen to some of Terry's favourite music.

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As I have mentioned elswhere on this site, I have been involved with three bands during my musical exploits. The "Vapour Trails" in Felixstowe and The "Unit 4" in Ipswich, in the early sixties, and "The Kingsdown Band" in Deal from 1989 to 2013. I don't have any audio recordings of the sixties bands unfortunately, but I do have photo's, which I have put on here via the link above.

In view of the lack of recordings, I have put up some of the original versions of guitar Instrumentals, that I used to play at that time, and some that, although I didn't play, I really used to like. I hope you enjoy them. There was a period of a few years when guitar instrumentals were constantly in the charts, and they are probably still my favourite music. 

There are still loads of bands today still playing this music, particularly in Holland and Finland, where there is a very large following for nostalgia. 

It was a joy to play them, allbeit a bit nerve racking, as if you played even one wrong note, everyone could hear it. If this type of music ever comes back, I'll be there. I have resisted putting mainly "Shadows" instrumentals on here, as although I mostly played "Shadows" stuff, there were other great Instrumentals that I played, from slightly lesser known bands.

As far as "The Kingsdown Band is concerned, I formed that band in 1989 with Roger Cramphorn, initially as a four piece 60's band. We just did it for a bit of fun, but to our utter amazement, the band continued to flourish and eventually turned into a 12 piece function band. Obviously, the new line-up was much more versatile, and played a range of music from the 60's to the noughties, and although I enjoyed playing more modern music, I have stayed true to my roots in compiling this website.

When I left "The Kingsdown Band" in 2013, I had been in the band 25 years, and I am glad to say that it is still going and performing today, with younger people having been drafted in to replace us old guys.

You can listen to Terry's music right now, by clicking on one of the links below. The songs are representative of what we played in the early 60's, and are all guitar instrumentals.

http://www.terrypoulson.com/   Hit And Miss.mp3   (John Barry Seven)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/   Teen Scene.mp3   (The Hunters)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/   Quite A Party.mp3   (The Fireballs)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Quatermaster's Stores.mp3   (The Shadows)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  633 Squadron.mp3   (The Vibratos)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  The Cruel Sea.mp3   (The Dakotas)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Saturday Night At The Duckpond.mp3   (The Cougars)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Popeye Twist.mp3   (The Tornados)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Bristol Express.mp3   (The Eagles)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Walk Don't Run.mp3   (The Ventures)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  The Breeze And I.mp3   (The Fentones)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  How's 'M Chicks.mp3   (The Hunters)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Ram-Bunk-Shush.mp3   (The Ventures)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Telstar.mp3   (The Tornados)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Golden Earrings.mp3   (The Hunters)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  The Mexican.mp3   (The Fentones)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Entry Of The Gladiators.mp3   (Nero And The Gladiators)

http://www.terrypoulson.com/  Pipeline.mp3   (The Chantays)



Terry's Personal Memoirs

To contact Terry you can email him: terencepoulson@btinternet.com or message him via Facebook